Switching from MacNail

This page explains how to switch from MacNail to Goldenseal.

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Switching from MacNail Estimating Software

If you have been using MacNail Estimating, here are the differences you can expect:

File Management-- Goldenseal saves each estimate as a record in your company file, rather than as a separate file.  To view estimates, open the company file and choose Estimates from the Income menu.  Goldenseal estimates take up much less hard disk space!
Fixed Costs-- Goldenseal does not use fudge factors, locality adjustments or quality adjustments.  To enter labor costs, choose Cost Items from the Costs menu.  To add overhead, profit and other soft costs, enter line items in an estimate.
Dimensions-- Goldenseal uses construction measurements that are similar to MacNail, but it arranges them onto seven 'cards' that are very similar to the dimensions in BidMagic.  To enter dimensions for an estimate, choose Estimate Dimensions from the Options menu. Click here for specific information about Goldenseal dimensions for construction.
Specifications-- To enter specifications for an estimate after you've entered dimensions, click on the Form Type button at lower left and choose Long Form.  Make sure you have a Category or Item breakdown, and then enter hard costs into the breakdown table.  Goldenseal starts out without any construction items, so you will need to add them when you create an estimate.
HINT-- It is easy to set up a template which contains a specific style of construction that you use frequently.  That way you won't have to enter all the construction details every time.
'Other' items-- To type in all your specifications items 'on the fly', use a Category breakdown.  To type in a few items when you use an Item breakdown, enter a line item and give it one of the Unlisted choices in the Cost Area column.
Clearinghouse and Summation-- Goldenseal displays the total estimate price in the main Estimate window.  To see a breakdown by category, choose Projects from the Reports menu, and choose Itemized Estimate from the submenu.  You can also use the Print Forms command to print out a detailed estimate in several different formats.
Estimators-- Goldenseal uses templates as a "starter" for new estimates.  To turn an estimate into a template, choose Template this Item from the Options menu.  To make a new estimate that is based on a template, click on the template button (next to the New button).

Switching from MacNail Accounting Software

If you have been using MacNail Accounting, here are the differences you can expect:

Basic Records-- In MacNail, you enter data as lines in a spreadsheet.  In Goldenseal, you enter data as records in a database.  The data forms look much more like a business form.
HINT-- To view expenses in rows and columns, choose Expenses from the Reports menu, and choose one of the submenus.
Files-- MacNail uses many files to store your accounting info.  Goldenseal stores everything in one integrated company file.  You'll use different menu commands to access the different types of data in Goldenseal.

Master Index-- Goldenseal uses accounts to store the information in the MacNail Master Index, Employee Index and Master Addresses files.  Enter the same data in Projects, Employees, Material Suppliers, Subcontractors and Other Cost accounts.  You can also import data from MacNail.
Checkbook Ledger-- To enter bank payments and deposits, set up Checking Accounts and then enter Checking Transactions.
Labor Log-- To enter employee hours, set up Employee Accounts and then enter Labor Hours.
HINT-- Goldenseal also includes Equipment accounts and Equipment Hours, so you can track equipment costs.
Material Log-- To enter material costs, set up Material Suppliers accounts and then enter Material Purchases.
Subcontractor Log-- To enter subcontractor costs, set up Subcontractor accounts and then enter Subcontractor Costs
Miscellaneous Log-- To enter other costs, set up Other Cost accounts and then enter Other Costs
Job Costing-- Goldenseal automatically posts job costs when you enter expenses.  To view job costs, choose Job Costs from the Costs menu.
Payroll-- Goldenseal handles payroll much more easily than MacNail.  After you've entered Labor Hours, choose Write Payroll from the Bank menu to automatically figure payroll.  Goldenseal tracks payroll details in Payroll Records.

Switching from MacNail Scheduling Software

If you have been using MacNail Scheduling, here are the differences you can expect:

Schedules-- In Goldenseal, a project schedule is just part of the estimate.  Check the Start Date column in any estimate with a Category or Item breakdown.
Material Takeoffs-- To see a material takeoff, choose Projects from the Reports menu, and choose Bill of Materials (Material Takeoff) or Bill of Materials by Task (Material Takeoff By Item). The command names are changed in Goldenseal 2.6 .

Switching from MacNail Customizing

If you have been using MacNail Customizing, here are the differences you can expect:

Basics-- MacNail stores cost information in several different files, and uses a very clunky set of menu commands to calculate and move prices.  Goldenseal includes all cost information in one file, and automatically updates prices.

Price Sheets-- To change material unit costs, choose Cost Items from the Costs menu.
Assemblies-- To change or add assemblies, choose Assemblies from the Costs menu.  Goldenseal uses an assembly table which is much easier to use than the MacNail Assemblies files.
Updating Prices-- Goldenseal automatically updates material prices whenever you enter Material Purchases.  You don't need to do any of the complex 'Move Prices' steps as in MacNail Customizing.
Customizing Categories-- To change Categories or Category Systems, choose Category Setup from the Costs menu, and choose one of the submenus.
Customizing Dimensions-- To change the layout of any Dimensions screen, choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Estimate DImensions from the submenu.  To change the way dimensions are calculated, choose Calculators from the Options menu, and choose Calculated Dimensions .

Switching from MacNail SpecWriter Software

If you have been using MacNail SpecWriter, here are the differences you can expect:

Contract Setup-- Goldenseal uses setup that is similar to MacNail Spec Writer's. To see a 'library' of basic clauses, choose Contract Setup from the Options menu, and choose Contract Clauses from the submenu.  Goldenseal uses simple text substitution to fill some information into clauses-- to set that up, choose Preferences from the Options menu, and choose Contracts from the submenu.
Writing Contracts-- Goldenseal writes contracts that are very similar to the SpecWriter.  To make a contract, choose Contracts from the Income menu.  To write a complete contract, click the Write Contract button.