Converting from MacNail

I've used MacNail for years. How do I switch to Goldenseal?

Here's how to switch to Goldenseal software, from the MacNail construction estimating software and construction accounting software.

When to Start

Pick a date when you'll start using Goldenseal. You can stop using MacNail at that date, or you can use both for a while until you are completely familiar with Goldenseal small business software.

The Getting Started manuals will help you to get started with Goldenseal. You'll find that both programs use many of the same concepts, so it's not that hard to make the switch.

MacNail Equivalents

Here is a list of MacNail features, and the Goldenseal equivalents:

macnail Accounting Setup:
MacNail Master Index -> Employee accounts, Material Supplier accounts, Subcontractor accounts and Other Cost accounts.  Also Customer accounts and Project accounts for your jobs.
MacNail Employee Index -> Employee accounts.
MacNail Payroll Blanks-> Payroll tax Items, Tax Tables and Tax Packages

Accounting Data entry:
MacNail Checkbook Ledger -> Checking Transactions (also Cash, Savings, Credit Card and Loan transactions)
MacNail Labor Log -> Labor Hours records
MacNail Material Log -> Material Purchases records
MacNail Subcontractor Log -> Subcontractor Costs
MacNail Other Log -> Other Costs

Accounting Processing:
MacNail Payroll Report-  the Write Payroll command, and Payroll Records.
MacNail Payroll Files- no direct equivalent.  Check Payroll Records, tax payments in Other Costs records, or various payroll reports.
MacNail Cost Control sheets-  the Job Costs command.  Also the Billing command and Billing Records for progress billing.

macnail Estimating:
MacNail Estimates ->  Estimates

Fixed Costs-  Set wage rates in labor Cost Items. Enter "fudge factor" adjustment in the Adjustment Percent field in estimates. Enter specific line items for overhead, profit, contingencies and other "soft costs".
Dimensions-  Choose Estimate Dimensions from the Options menu, and choose one of the dimension layouts.
Specifications-  Choose Estimate Dimensions from the Options menu, and choose Specifications. Goldenseal only lists the items you are including in this estimate. To add a row, choose Table from the Edit menu and choose Insert Row from the submenu.
Clearinghouse-  Click the Show Report button, or choose Estimates from the Reports menu and choose Subcategory Breakdown or Itemized by Subcategory from the submenu.
Summation-  Choose Estimates from the Reports menu and choose Category Breakdown or Itemized by Category from the submenu.

Schedule info is part of each Estimate-- check the Start Date column. To add a delay, insert a row and enter Delay into the Cost Area column. To set working hours and delay factor, choose Cost Setup from the Costs menu, and choose Working Hours from the submenu. To create material takeoffs, choose Estimates from the Reports menu, and choose Material Takeoff or Material Takeoff by Item from the submenu (these commands will change to Bill of Materials and Bill of Materials by Task starting with Goldenseal 2.6).

Goldenseal is much simpler than MacNail. To see unit cost details, choose Cost Items or Assemblies from the Costs menu. To update prices, choose Material Purchases from the Costs menu, and enter purchases with an Items breakdown. There is no need for "move prices", "update prices" or other posting commands, since Goldenseal updates prices automatically.

MacNail Specwriter:
Choose Contracts from the Income menu to write spec sheets or contracts. To edit "boilerplate" clauses, choose Contract Setup from the Options menu, and choose Clauses from the submenu. To edit specification text for each line item in an estimate, choose Assemblies from the Costs menu.

Importing MacNail Data:
You can import most of your data from MacNail to Goldenseal.  Check the MacNail Conversion folder on the CD.

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