Goldenseal Tech Support Calls

How do I call for help with Goldenseal?

We offer free lifetime support for Goldenseal users. Call us at 607 220-4514 (mobile) during our office hours (Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time).

Your Time Zone

Call From
Call Up Til
3 PM
12 PM
Great Britain, Portugal
2 PM
11 PM
Argentina, Brazil
11 AM
8 PM
Atlantic Time (Nova Scotia, E Caribbean, Chile)
10 AM
7 PM
Eastern Time (New York, W Caribbean, Panama)
9 AM
6 PM
Central Time (Chicago, Dallas, E Mexico)
8 AM
5 PM
Mountain Time (Denver, Phoenix, W Mexico)
7 AM
4 PM
Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Seattle)
6 AM
3 PM
Alaska Time (Anchorage)
5 AM
2 PM
Hawai'i Time (Honolulu)
4 AM
1 PM
New Zealand
2 AM
11 AM
Eastern Australia (Melbourne, Sydney)
9 AM

For users in western Australia and Asia, use our help request form, or check our email support options.

When you call for support, here are some hints that will make the call go more smoothly:

  • Be at your computer! We may need to ask you for specific details about the problem, which will be hard to manage if you are calling from your cell phone in traffic.
  • Tell us the problem first! It really helps if you can sum it up in a few words at the beginning of the call. If it's a common problem, we can give you a quick answer without need for a lot of background info. Even for more difficult problems, if we hear the problem first, we'll know what to ask you, and what to listen for.
  • Let us ask you questions! We may ask a series of yes/no questions so we can zoom in on the problem with a minimum of confusion. We may also paraphrase what you just told us, so we are completely sure we understand what you've told us.

For some number problems we may ask you to send us a file so we can take a look at your exact data, and understand the problem better.

After Hours Support

We are occasionally available for support calls in the evening and Saturdays. Please do not call on Sunday, since that is our day of rest.

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