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South Carolina has state income tax withholding. The payroll tax tables changed slightly in 2021 (there have been 11 changes in the past 31 years).

For a long time, the South Carolina tables use subtraction rather than addition for each "step"-- one of only a few states to do so. In 2017 they added the option to use additions instead, so we switched to that for our tables. Both methods give the same results.

HINT-- Turtle Creek Software provides free annual updates for US federal and South Carolina tax withholding rates.

South Carolina State Withholding Instructions

To enter withholding information for one of your employees, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Employees from the Accounts menu.
  2. Use the browser control to see the employee record.
  3. Click the Payroll Setup button.
  4. Enter the employee's marital status into the Marital Status field (see note below).
  5. Choose a Tax Package for the employee (see note below).
  6. Enter the number of federal dependents into the Federal Exemptions field.
  7. Enter the number of dependents into the State Exemptions field.
  8. Enter the South CarolinaTax Package into the Tax Package field. HINT-- If you don't see it in the list, you'll need to import the tax info first.
  9. Click OK.

If an employee uses the 'zero deduction' option for state withholding, assign the Zero Deduction tax package to them in the Tax Package field of the Employee account. Otherwise use the standard state Tax Package, when you enter data into Goldenseal payroll software.

South Carolina State Unemployment Tax Instructions

In 2021 the South Carolina SUTA unemployment insurance tax is based on the first $14,000 in wages for each employee (unchanged from last year). The new company rate is 3.4%. After the first year the rate is calculated based on the employer's experience factor-- rates range from 1.24% to 6.10%, including a .6% contingency charge.

To enter the South Carolina SUTA tax rate for your business, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Payroll Setup from the Costs menu, and choose Tax Items from the submenu.
  2. You'll see a list of Tax Items. Locate the South Carolina SUTA tax in the list, and double-click on it. HINT: If you don't see S Carolina SUTA in the list, you'll need to import your state's payroll info first.
  3. Enter the percentage rate for your business into the percentage field to the right of Calculation method.
  4. If the cutoff amount has changed, enter it into the dollar field to the right of First Adjustment.

South Carolina Marital Status

Enter any of the following values into the Marital Status popup field in each Employee account:

  • Single- single employee with one personal exemption
  • Married- married employee with two personal exemptions
  • Dual Income- married employee with one personal exemption
  • Head of House- employee claims Head of Family status
  • Other- not used

South Carolina Tax Contacts

Payroll withholding website

Payroll Tax Office-- 803 898-5000
Forms-- 803 737-5000
SUTA-- 803 737-2400

South Carolina Tax Commission
PO Box 125
Columbia SC 29214

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