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New York has state income tax withholding. Tax tables did not change in 2021. It's the third year in a row without changes. Before that it changed every year, ever since we started writing payroll software (there have been 28 changes during the past 31 years). Married taxpayers face an amazing 94% withholding rate on a narrow band of income at about $2 million a year. There are enough other odd jumps in the withholding rates that NY has now vaulted into the #2 spot for WTF (withholding twerkiness factor). Watch your back, Connecticut!

There is also separate tax withholding for residents of New York City and Yonkers. New York City added an additional table step in mid-2010, but then removed it in 2018. Yonkers uses a fixed percentage of the state rate, so their tables have all the same quirkiness.

NY Taxes include a state disability deduction (paid by employees). This deduction helps to cover the employee disability insurance that employers are required to carry.

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HINT-- Our payroll software includes free annual updates for US federal and New York State tax withholding rates. Click here to download payroll updates for New York state, New York City, Yonkers and federal tax tables, applicable to all users of our payroll software.

New York State Withholding Instructions

To enter withholding information for an employee in your Goldenseal company file, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Employees from the Accounts menu.
  2. Locate the employee record.
  3. Click the Payroll Setup button.
  4. Enter the employee's marital status into the Marital Status field (see note below).
  5. Choose the correct Tax Package (see note below).
  6. Enter the number of federal dependents into the Federal Exemptions field.
  7. Enter the number of NewYork State dependents into the State Exemptions field.
  8. Enter the number of Yonkers or New York City dependents into the Local Exemptions field.
  9. Click OK.

Enter the correct tax package into the Tax Package field. Separate packages are used for residents of New York City or Yonkers. If an employee resides in either, choose the appropriate Resident package; if an employee works in but lives outside of either, choose the appropriate Non-resident package.

New York State Unemployment Tax Instructions

New York state SUTA unemployment tax is based on the first $11,800 of wages for each employee (2021 cutoff amount). The SUTA tax rate for new employers is 4.1%. After the first year the rate varies from 1.5% to 9.9% for each employer, depending on past hiring and layoff history.

In 2004 and 2005, New York owed money to the Feds for unemployment payments, meaning that the FUTA rate for NY employers was 1.1% rather than .8%. However in 2006 New York returned to a positive funds balance, and the FUTA rate returned to its usual .8%.

To enter your New York SUTA tax rate into the Goldenseal payroll accounting software, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Payroll Setup from the Costs menu, and choose Tax Items from the submenu.
  2. You'll see a list of Tax Items. Locate the New York SUTA tax in the list, and double-click on it. HINT: If you don't see SUTA in the list,you'll need to import theNew York State payrollinfo first.
  3. Enter the percentage rate that you pay into the number field to the right of Calculation method.
  4. If the cutoff amount has changed, enter it into the dollar field to the right of First Adjustment.

New York Marital Status

Enter the marital status of each employee in the Marital Status popup field on their employee account record:

  • Single- single employee with one personal exemption
  • Married- married employee with two personal exemptions
  • Dual Income- married employee with one personal exemption
  • Head of House- employee claims Head of Family status
  • Other- not used

New York Tax Contacts

Withholding tax website

Payroll Tax Office-- 877 698-2910
Forms-- 800 462-8100
SUTA-- 518 457-5806

New York Dept of Tax & Finance
Taxpayer Assistance Bureau
W. A. Harriman Campus
Albany NY 12227

Last updated Jan 3, 2008


New York residents who go over Niagara Falls in a barrel are required to pay an import duty of $3.50 per barrel, when they cross from the Canadian portion of the river into New York waters.

Official State Lawn Ornament

Upstate-- Repeal the SAFE act sign.
Downstate-- skateboard.