Window & Door Painting Dimensions

This section explains the dimensions layout for window and door painting that is included in the Paint & Drywall Starter Files.

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Windows, Doors and Trim Painting

The Windows, Doors and Trim layout lets you enter measurements for windows, doors and trim painting.

Enter the following measurements for windows, skylights and doors:
Quantity-- The number of doors or windows you are including or working on.
Average Height-- The average height for the doors or windows.
Average Width-- The average width for the doors or windows.
Total Area-- The total area of openings for doors or windows.
Number of Custom doors-- The number of doors that are not pre-hung.

Enter the following trim measurements:
Interior Ell Corners-- Enter the total number of room corners that stick out into the rooms.
Total Interior Corners-- Goldenseal calculates the total number of corners in all rooms.
Baseboard Length-- Goldenseal calculates the total length of baseboard.  You can change the number.
Stairway Count-- Enter the total number of stairway you will paint
Riser Count-- Enter the total number of stair risers you will paint.
Number of Closets-- Enter the number of closets you are working on.