QB Switch-- Invoices

Quickbooks uses the Create Invoices command for all sales, services and any other income-producing activity

To create customer invoices in Goldenseal, choose Billing from the Bank menu, and choose the submenu for the type of billing you'd like to do.

Customer Billing

When you choose Sales Billing, Goldenseal shows a list of customers with unpaid Sales transactions. You can double-click on a customer to see details for the unpaid items.

To add billing for finance charges or other adjustments, choose Billing Records from the Bank menu, and click the New button to add a billing record for the customer.

Project Billing

To create project bills, choose Billing from the Bank menu, and choose Draw Schedules, Progress Payments or Time and Materials from the submenu. Goldenseal will show you a list of active projects. You can double-click on a project to enter billing details.

Goldenseal includes five types of project billing:

  • Draw Schedules-- For projects that use a sequence of payments at different project milestones (or "kilometerstones" outside the US).
  • Progress Payments-- For projects that base payment on the percentage completion on each category, location or item of work.
  • Time and Materials-- For projects based on actual costs (usually with markup or a management fee).
  • Allowances-- For billing the difference between estimate Allowances and actual costs.
  • Change Orders-- For additional Change Order work that is not in the original project specs.

To view project bills that you've already created, choose Billing Records from the Bank menu.

To print a statement for customers or to see the receivables history for a customer, choose Billing Statements from the Bank menu.

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