QB Switch-- Items

Quickbooks uses Items for the items that you buy, sell, or provide as services. In Goldenseal accounting software and estimating software, Cost Items serve the same function. You can also group cost items into Assemblies.

Cost Items

To view cost items, choose Cost Items from the Costs menu.

HINT-- If you start with a starter file, Goldenseal will already include some cost items for that type of business.

Goldenseal Cost Items are similar to Quickbooks Items. Here are some additional features they have:

  • Category and Subcategory-- You can assign each item to a category and subcategory. That makes it easier to locate cost items when you enter them into estimates, purchases or sales.
  • Contract Details-- Each cost item includes contract text that describes the item in simple sentences, if you want to create a contract "scope of work" from an estimate.
  • Inventory Tracking-- Turn on the Inventory checkbox to track inventory quantities for an item.
  • Price Calculations-- Goldenseal automatically updates item costs when you purchase the item. It also calculates the price you'll use when selling the item or using it in projects.
  • Suggested Quantity-- You can enter a dimension quantity to use for this item. It will fill in a suggested amount for this item when you enter dimensions for a project.


Goldenseal Assemblies are similar to Cost Items, but they include a component table where you can enter the labor and material items that are included in the assembly.

Assemblies help you to make faster and more accurate estimates. You can also use them in sales transactions for the items or services that you provide.

Using Categories

In Goldenseal you can set up one or more Category Systems, which group cost categories into a two-level hierarchy of categories and subcategories.

Categories make it easier to locate specific cost items and assemblies, especially if you use large quantities of them. You can also use them to track progress payments and identify your job costs.

Price Calculations

When you enter a Material Purchase transaction that includes specific Cost Items, Goldenseal will automatically update the selling price for those items. You can use the most recent price or an average price-- set the details in the Cost Item record.

Goldenseal includes Markup Systems, which calculate prices for items that you sell or use in projects. You can also have Goldenseal round off pricing to "retail" amounts like $9.95.

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