QB Switch-- Basics

Here is a comparison of basic features in Quickbooks and Goldenseal accounting software:

Accounts Classic "double entry" accounts that the user sets up for any function Accounts are for "real world" jobs, assets, liabilities and costs. Automatically handles "intangible" accounts
Accounts payable Use A/P account(s) Use Pay Bills command, with built-in A/P tracking
Accounts receivable Use A/R account(s) Uses Billing commands, with built-in A/R tracking
Accrual accounting Set up additional accounts Available via cost and income transactions
Cash accounting Primary accounting method Available via banking transactions
Custom fields Up to 15 text fields Up to 999 text, number, money, list, checkbox, picture or clairvoyant fields
Customers and Projects Combined Separate accounts
Estimating Uses items Uses Cost Items and Assemblies. Includes templates and "smart dimensions"
Expense tracking Use expense accounts to track expenses Use cost categories, subcategories and locations to track expenses
Finding records Find searches in all records, shows list of matching items Find searches in one class of records, shows found items in record browser
Inventory   Tracked automatically
Job costs- Equipment Use Expense accounts Use Equipment Hours records and categories
Job costs- Labor Use Expense accounts Use Labor Hours records and categories
Job costs- Materials Use Expense accounts Use Material Purchase records and categories
Job costs- Subcontractors Use Expense accounts Use Subcontractor Cost records and categories
Leads & customer management Customer mailing labels Customers, prospects, appointments, contact log, mailing labels, envelopes
New records Window opens to empty record Click the New button to add records (or use Interface Preferences to open to empty)
Payroll Uses Aatrix Integrated
Printed Forms Stock forms, some customizing Stock forms, complete user customizing
Project billing Time & materials or type-ins Draw schedules, progress payments or time & materials. Also allowances and change orders.
Repeat transactions Memorized transactions Recurring transactions, templates
Reports Some user customizing Complete user customizing
Saving Records Hit the OK button Saved at window close, record change or Enter key.
Subcontractor insurance Adjust payments manually Handled automatically
Viewing records Use Next and Previous buttons Use "browser" control

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