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Goldenseal Accounts Payable Software



Goldenseal is accounts payable software for Macintosh and Windows computers. It handles purchases of materials and supplies, subcontractor invoices and other expenses.

Use the Pay Bills command to view current accounts payable-- it's a quick "snapshot" that instantly shows current and overdue invoices. You can also use it to write checks for vendors that are ready to pay now.

Goldenseal also includes detailed job cost accounting, so you can allocate payables to overhead or projects, and also track your expenses by category or location. The program includes a variety of reports so you can see where you spend money and how it compares to your original estimates.

Goldenseal is integrated software, which means that you get more than just accounts payable when you enter expenses. Material purchases will also update your cost of goods sold, and all expenses will apply to time and materials billing and job cost accounting.

Goldenseal also includes general accounting, accounts payable, payroll, project management, lead tracking and many other business management features, in an inexpensive package for small business.

Accounts Payable Software, and More!

The complete version of Goldenseal includes all of these features:

The Goldenseal accounts payable software is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Over 7000 small businesses already use it to control their expenses and stay profitable.

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