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Goldenseal is customer management software for small businesses. It will keep track of your customer sales, phone calls, problems, and marketing efforts.

Goldenseal prints envelopes, mailing labels, and form letters for any group of customers or prospects. It also includes Appointment and Contact Log records where you can enter phone calls, meetings and other customer contacts.

Each Customer account shows the current receivables balance and basic address info. You can click a button to see their previous sales and contacts, and click another button to enter a current sale or contact.

Goldenseal also handles cash and billable sales, or you can create Project accounts to track larger work that you do for customers. Goldenseal includes several billing options, including time-and-materials, direct sales and project progress payments.

You can also use Goldenseal's project management features to manage the work you do for customers. You can track problems and project events, enter project inspections, and handle change orders, allowances and transmittals.

Along with its customer management features, Goldenseal also includes general accounting, cost estimating, project management and general business management features.

Goldenseal is available for both Macintosh and Windows computers. It includes all of the following:

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