New Features- Goldenseal 2.4 Update

This section covers new features in the Goldenseal 2.4 update (released October 2003).

Features apply to Goldenseal accounting software, estimating software and project management software.

Binary Compatibility- Mac & Windows-- files are now easily swapped between platforms
Contracts for Bids and Change Orders-- the contract writer now works for more than just estimates
Help Fields-- quick details for each data entry window
Improved Record Saves-- fewer problems with damaged records
MICR check printing-- how to print your own routing numbers on the bottoms of checks
Policies & Procedures-- a new record class for useful company info
Report & Transaction buttons-- more buttons that show you related info for accounts
Table commands- Add Rows, Delete Rows, Fill Down-- more ways to set up breakdown tables
To Do List -- a new way to keep yourself organized
Vendor Withholding improvements-- improved handling for GST, VAT and other vendor taxes and credits