Record Saves

Goldenseal accounting software version 2.4 add a safer method for saving records, so there is less chance of getting a damaged record.

Saving Records

When you save a Goldenseal record, it also posts the change to related records. Goldenseal uses a "delayed commit" to save all records at once after the posting is completed. That greatly reduces the chances of getting a mismatch in the record data.

Goldenseal also includes a "double check" system that can catch any records that are in the wrong place. In the rare case that your company file suffers any kind of data damage, Goldenseal will warn about the problem before it becomes serious.

Starting with Goldenseal version 2.8, we have added additional "safety tag" information at the beginning and end of each record. That helps us to better diagnose problems in the rare event that a record is damaged.

Checking Your Data Integrity

To test the integrity of your data file, choose Security from the View menu, and choose Verify File from the submenu. Goldenseal will check every record in your file and report anything that seems suspicious.

We are always working on ways to improve the reliability of Goldenseal. If you get an "Oops" message that warns about bad file lengths or a damaged record, please contact us immediately. We can help you to fix any record damage, and we'll examine your file carefully so we can prevent that problem in the future.

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