File Compatability

Can I move Goldenseal files from Mac to Windows or vice-versa?

All files created with Goldenseal small business software are binary compatible between Mac and Windows (starting with version 2.4).

That means that you can take a Goldenseal business file that was created on a Macintosh, and open it with the Windows version of Goldenseal. You can also take a Goldenseal file that was created on Windows, and open it with the Macintosh version of Goldenseal.

NOTE-- You still need to use two different Goldenseal applications on the two platforms. The Goldenseal.exe file from WIndows will not run on a Mac, and the Macintosh application will not run on Windows.

For more details about moving files between platforms, click here.

Technical Notes

Goldenseal has to "byte swap"in some data records, when a file is opened on a platform that is different from where it was created. That may result in a slight decrease in speed for lengthy operations like the Write Payroll command, and reports that contain many items.

If you permanently swap a file from one platform to another, Goldenseal will gradually convert existing records to the new format, so any delays will diminish with time.

HINT-- To convert all records at once, choose Security from the View menu, and choose Compress File from the submenu.

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