Quickbooks Switch-- Records

Goldenseal accounting software stores more than just accounting data, and it's designed for very quick access to past records. It uses a "record browser" interface that is a little different from Quickbooks.

Viewing Records

Goldenseal includes more types of records than Quickbooks-- you can use 19 types of business accounts and about 40 different business transactions. Each record window includes a "browser" control at upper left that helps you to view your records.

For example, to see a log of phone calls and other customer contacts, choose Contact Log from the Income menu.

Click on the right side of the "book" at upper left to see the next record. Click the left side to see the previous record. You can also drag the triangle beneath the book to jump to a different record.

Goldenseal shows you how many records you have, and how many are currently found with the Find command.

Entering New Records

To enter a new record, click the New button on the left side of the window.

You can also duplicate an existing record, or create a new record from a template (click the triangle to the right of the New button to see a list of templates).

HINT-- If you prefer the Quickbooks style where windows open to a new empty record, choose Preferences from the Options menu, choose Interface from the submenu, and turn on the Open to Empty Record checkbox.

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