Macintosh with Intel

Can I run Goldenseal on a Macintosh with an Intel chip?

Yes! You won't have any problems running Goldenseal on a Macintosh that has an Intel chip. It also runs fine on older Macs with a Power PC (PPC) chip.

Our Macintosh small business software versions 4.5 and later run natively on Intel chips. The application is a "fat binary" that also runs on the Power PC chips used on older Macintosh computers.

For Goldenseal versions 4.4 and earlier, the Mac operating system includes a function called Rosetta which automatically converts the code between the two different processors. You probably won't even notice the speed hit caused by Rosetta.

NOTE-- One or two users have reported "not supported on this architecture" error messages, but they have occurred with older versions of Stuffit that they used to install our software, and not in Goldenseal itself.

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