Macintosh Topics

This section covers special topics for Macintosh users of Goldenseal accounting software and business management software.

NOTE-- Click here for Windows accounting software info.

General Topics
Can I use the same file for Mac and Windows?
Currency Symbol-- how do I switch to a different symbol?
System Clock-- how do I reset the date or time?

Menus commands are grayed out!
Removing older copies of Goldenseal.

Macintosh OS Versions
Can I run Goldenseal under OS-X?
Can I run Goldenseal on Intel processors?
Mac OS 9-- switching to Mac OS X version
Mac OS X-- version names

Swapping Files
How do I move a Goldenseal file from Macintosh to Windows?
How do I move a Goldenseal file from Windows to Macintosh?
How do I move text files to Macintosh?