Macintosh Intel Native


Starting with Goldenseal version 4.5, you can run 'native' on Macs that have an Intel chip. The Goldenseal application for Mac OS X is now a "universal binary", which means that it will run on any type of chip.

Suggested By

Not much choice.

How to Use

You probably won't even notice a difference in how Goldenseal runs, although it probably will be slightly faster at some lengthy operations.

Technical Details

Programmer note-- many changes, all over the place. This is the biggest change we've made in core code, since the original conversion to Macintosh OS X. Most related to the switch from Codewarrior to Xcode compilers, rather than anything specific for Intel (which we already support via the Windows version).

It is probable that Apple will discontinue support for PPC code sometime in the next year or two, and we didn't want to be caught unprepared.