Adjusting Prices

Can I "fudge" prices by a percentage when they have changed?

Starting with Goldenseal estimating software version 3.0, you can adjust the price of a group of construction material Cost Items, all at the same time. You can add a fixed amount to all prices, or multiply them by a percentage.

To adjust prices, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Cost Items from the Costs menu.
  2. Use the Find command to locate the items you'd like to adjust.
  3. Choose Replace All from the Edit menu.
  4. In the Replace field, choose Adjust by Amount or Adjust by Percentage.
  5. Enter the adjustment into the Adjust By field.
  6. Click OK.

Using Price Adjustments

Use price adjustments for items that you aren't updating automatically via Material Purchases.

For example, if lumber material prices have gone up 10%, you can find all lumber items, and then adjust them by that percentage. It won't be quite as accurate as entering the actual cost for each lumber size, but it will be much faster.

HINT-- Percentage adjustments are particularly useful if you want to anticipate a future price change for your construction estimates. For example, you might want to increase plywood prices, in advance of a large hurricane strike.

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