Quickbooks Switch-- Reports

Goldenseal accounting software includes a wide range of financial and business reports that are similar to those in Quickbooks.

Using Reports

To view a report, choose one of the items in the Reports menu, then choose a specific report from the submenu.

A Goldenseal report shows "filter" details at the top of the window. Some reports show data for a single account or record that you enter. Others allow you to enter a date range.

You can also click the More Details checkbox to have more control over the information that shows in the report.

Report Tables

Most Goldenseal reports show a table that lists matching items, usually with subtotals or totals.

To see items grouped by account, date or other details, turn on the More Details checkbox and enter a value into the Breakdown popup field.

To sort the table into a specific order, click the Sort button and enter the column you'd like to use for the sort.

Changing Report Layouts

To change any report, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Reports from the submenu.
  2. Choose the type of report you'd like to change.
  3. To move an item, click on it and drag to a new location.
  4. To change any text, double-click on the label field and type in new text.
  5. To change a table, click in the table. You can delete rows, add new data to the table, change the order, or change the data that Goldenseal displays.
  6. When you are finished, choose Save from the File menu, then close the custom layout window.


The Goldenseal Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports use calculators for each value in the report.

You can change any calculators if you'd like to see different values in the report.

You can also create your own custom reports that use your own calculators, custom report tables, or any other information that you'd like to see.

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