Vendor Price Tracking

Can Goldenseal keep track of what my favorite vendors charge for materials?

Yes. Starting with version 2.7, Goldenseal estimating software tracks current pricing on each Cost Item, for up to three favorite vendors. This information was not a part of standard layouts, until we added a Vendor Prices button to the layout in version 3.1.

Entering Vendor Prices

To track prices for a specific vendor, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Cost Items from the Costs menu.
  2. Locate an item for which you'd like to track vendor prices.
  3. Enter a Material Supplier into the Main Supplier, Second Supplier or Third Supplier fields.
  4. If the vendor uses a code to identify this item, enter it into the Supplier Code field.

When you enter purchases, Goldenseal will automatically update the specific vendor prices. If there are blank spaces and a vendor is not already listed, Goldenseal will automatically add them to the Vendor Prices fields.

HINT-- Goldenseal uses the vendor price setup info when it imports material prices.

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