Estimate Adjustments

How can I make a 'fudge factor' adjustment to an estimate?

Starting with Goldenseal construction estimating software version 2.6, Estimate records include an Adjustment field which increases or decreases all line item costs by a percentage.

To make an adjustment, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Estimates from the Income menu.
  2. Use the browser control at upper left to select an estimate.
  3. Click in the Adjustment Percentage field (you may need to scroll down-- it's under the breakdown table).
  4. Type in a percentage adjustment, either positive or negative.
  5. Goldenseal will increase or decrease all unit cost prices by the percentage.

The adjustment only applies to Assemblies and Cost Items-- it will not change bids, allowances or unlisted items.

HINT-- Use the Adjustment Percentage field to convert estimating unit costs to a different currency, or to make other "quick and dirty" adjustments to an estimate.

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