Return Policy

What happens if I decide that Goldenseal won't work for me?

If you are just looking at Goldenseal and want to "try before you buy", please download and use our working demo. It is the same as the purchased software, except it will only allow you to enter 50 records of any type. Many people use the demo for a month or two before they hit the limit. That should be enough time to decide if Goldenseal is your "cup of tea".

If you have any problems with the Goldenseal business management software before or after your purchase, please use our tech support line-- we are happy to answer any beginner questions, and we can solve your problem. Click here for details about contacting us for support by telephone or email.

Unfortunately, all sales are final, and we do not accept returns after you have purchased Goldenseal. Our software does not have a dongle, copy protection or other "remote shutoff" options, and there were just too many abuses when we allowed returns


If you are unhappy with Goldenseal after your purchase, you can still sell the software to someone else, so long as it is within one year of the original purchase date. Click this link for more details on transferring your Goldenseal license.

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