Selling Goldenseal

If I decide Goldenseal accounting software is not right for me, can I sell it to someone else?

Yes, your Goldenseal software license allows you to sell it to someone else during the first 12 months after your original purchase date.

The right to resell the software expires one year after the original purchase date. After that time you can continue to make support calls for your own use, but you can't transfer the license to another party.

Transferring Goldenseal

Here's what you need to do, if you want to sell your Goldenseal estimating software and/or accounting software license to someone else:

  1. Find a buyer. You can advertise locally, or list it on eBay.
  2. Let us know in writing that you have resold the program, and give us full contact info for the new buyer (business name, contact, address, phone and email). NOTE-- You can send us a letter, or send us an email from your registered email address, and include your download password to authenticate the message.
  3. Send the CD and manuals to the new buyer.
  4. Remove all copies of Goldenseal from your computer.

Note that we cannot accept license transfers by phone, or by email from an unregistered email account, since we have no way to verify the seller's identity.

What does the New Buyer get?

The new buyer will get full technical support from us-- by email or phone.

If the resale happens within 12 months of the original purchase, we will transfer your download password to the new buyer so they can download new versions from our website.

The buyer is eligible to upgrade to a larger version of Goldenseal for the difference between the original purchase price and the new product price.

What does the New Buyer need to do?

Once you receive the program CD and manuals from the seller, you are ready to use Goldenseal. Feel free to contact us for support, and to verify the license transfer.

Thinking about buying?

If you are thinking of making a purchase of a used copy of Goldenseal on eBay or some other source, be sure to confirm that the seller purchased the software within the past 12 months, and that they are ready to comply with the transfer steps described above. NOTE-- We cannot transfer a Goldenseal license without written authorization from the original buyer.

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