Cross Platform Features

Can I use Goldenseal on both Macintosh and Windows computers, at the same time?


Goldenseal files are "binary compatible" between Macintosh and Windows computers, so you can swap the files back and forth between the two types of computers.

If you use the Multi-user version of Goldenseal accounting software, you can put the Goldenseal server on either a Macintosh or Windows machine, and you can sign on with any combination of Macs and Windows as clients.

You can add the second platform for an additional charge (click here for software pricing). We give you access to new versions for both platforms, via our update download system (you may also need to renew your update privileges if they have expired).

Click here for instructions on moving files from Macintosh to Windows.
Click here for instructions on moving files from Windows to Macintosh.

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