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Goldenseal is unit cost software that calculates unit costs for the items that you sell or build into projects.

It is a professional estimating package that includes Assemblies-- which let you build functional unit costs from the labor and material items that each item includes. You can include Assemblies as components in other Assemblies, which means you can create a library of unit costs that will handle any type of work that you do.

When you make purchases, Goldenseal automatically updates all unit costs that include that material. It is also easy to update labor costs-- just type in a different value for the cost of labor.

If you create estimates for construction work or other types of projects, you can set up a system of dimensions that will automatically calculate quantities for each unit cost (Goldenseal already includes versions for general construction, painting, framing and drywall)

Goldenseal includes all of the following (single user):

The complete version includes all of the items mentioned above, plus these accounting features:

Goldenseal unit cosoftware is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing.