Washington State Payroll Instructions


washington state-- special instructions for MacNail construction payroll software
(this is on the pink special instruction sheet that goes with WA payroll orders)


Washington uses a non-standard method of computing Workman’s Compensation (via the Washington Industrial Insurance State Fund).


If you have employees in more than one job classification:
1. Choose *Payroll Options from the Options menu, and click on By Person.
2. Open the Master Index, and type in the appropriate rate in the wc rate column next to each employee.
3. Open the WA Payroll Blank file, and scroll down to the item labelled Washington Industrial Insurance State Fund.
4. Type in the dollar per hour payroll deduction shown on the last column of your rate notice, for the job classification with the largest number of employees.
5. Each time you run a new Payroll Report, all numbers will be figured correctly except for the employee deduction for those employees who aren’t at the rate that you used in step 5. For each of them, you will need to edit the formula in the Payroll Report to figure them at the correct rate. Click in the Ind. Ins. column in the Employee Withholding section, and look at the formula bar. It should read something like =ROUND(MAX(wa.ins2*C2,0),2). Drag the mouse through the letters wa.ins2 and type in the correct payroll deduction rate for that employee. For example, if it is a clerical office position, you may be typing in .02215 instead.

NOTE-- Goldenseal payroll software also has special instructions for Washington state payroll .


Entered 10/4/95 by Dennis. Updated 11/23/2010.