Can't Find Payroll File Blank


'Sorry, can't find 95 pay file blank' (Win- 1995COMP.BLK) message when updating payroll files from MacNail construction payroll software. YEAR-END PROBLEMS (see TA #467 if NOT at the beginning of the year)


Have they already posted things to this year's payroll files?
1. If so, they must have accidentally trashed the 95 pay file blank.
2. If not, they somehow have a 95 Company Payroll File already, by mistake.


1. Rename the 95 Company Payroll file to something else. Run a payroll update for a period that was already done (using the 'replace existing numbers' option). It will create a new Company Payroll file AND a Pay File Blank. Once that is done, trash the new Company Payroll file, and rename the original Company Payroll file BACK to its original name.
2. Trash the 95 company payroll file, and run the payroll update again.

When it makes a new company payroll file at the start of the year, it also makes a '95 pay file blank', which is essentially a blank version of the company pay file.

When it then needs to make a new employee pay file, it makes a copy of the 95 pay file blank.
If the pay file blank is accidentally deleted, or if a company payroll file is somehow created NOT through normal channels (e.g. by using 'save as' or by accidentally updating in the past with the clock set wrong), then this problem may occur.


Entered 1/7/94 by Dennis. Updated 11/22/2010.