Payroll Reports

The Labor Report will give you the total hours worked by each employee during the requested time period. By checking it against the reported hours, you can double-check the accuracy of your labor job costing, and your actual payroll hours.

NOTE-- In 2000, MacNail was replaced by Goldenseal construction accounting software. Goldenseal is an integrated program that includes general accounting, job costing, payroll and project billing, plus estimating and other features. It includes several reports for labor hours and payroll.

To create a Labor hours Report:
1. Choose *Reports from the DATA menu.
2. A dialog box will appear. Click on the buttons for Labor hours, and for Main File.
3.A second dialog box will appear. Make sure Unpaid only is checked, and click Date range.
NOTE: You would normally choose Last Pay period. However, the Sample Labor Record as we ship it probably has no items in the most recent pay period!
4. When asked for a starting date, type 2/1/90. When asked for an ending date, type 2/7/90.
5. A new file will be created, showing the total hours within the selected date range for each employee.

The MacNail construction accounting software uses the labor report to create a payroll report (which shows employee hours for one pay period).

To create a Payroll Report:
1. With the Labor Report that you just made still active, choose *Payroll Report from the DATA menu.
2. A new file named Payroll Report will be created. It shows gross and net pay for each employee, with all withholding and employer taxes already figured.
3. You can adjust any overtime hours, and add special deductions as needed by typing numbers into the payroll worksheet.
4. MacNail Accounting will let you 'post' payroll information to your Ledgers (see pages 170 and 194) and to individual and company payroll files (see page 118).