Can't Find Payroll Blank


'Sorry, can't find 95 pay file blank' or 'can't find 1995COMP.BLK' message when updating payroll files with MacNail construction payroll software. (see TA #265 if at the beginning of the year)


They must have accidentally trashed the pay file blank file in Accounting Blanks-- maybe by replacing entire folder?
Can check folder to make sure-- look for file named 95 Pay File Blank (Macintosh) or 1995COMP.BLK (Windows)


1. Remove everything from the Payroll Files folder. Can make a temporary folder to store it all.
2. Run the 'Update Payroll Files' command. It will create a new blank and a new set of payroll files. After it makes company payroll file you can actually halt it with command-period or Escape.
3. Remove anything from Payroll Files folder.
4. Put the old payroll files back into the folder.

When it makes a new company payroll file at the start of the year, it also makes a '95 pay file blank', which is essentially a blank version of the company pay file.
When it then needs to make a new employee pay file, it makes a copy of the 95 pay file blank.


Entered 5/30/95 by Dennis. Updated 11/22/2010.