Updating State Payroll Withholding Tables

Adjust the following state tax state withholding items in the MacNail payroll software:

1. Change exemptions and/or deductions as required.
2. Change single and married withholding rates, using the 'step' formulas on the worksheet. These figures can be found using the Formula Method of Withholding, or similar figures.
3. For some states, other numbers may need to be adjusted.

NOTE-- Our newer Goldenseal construction payroll software is much easier to use! You can import state taxes from a free download each year.

After adjusting the formulas, check your first few payroll runs from the MacNail construction accounting software against the tax tables to make sure you made no errors.

Turtle Creek now offers tax tables for all states and Canadian provinces as part of the MacNail construction accounting software. Call us for details.