2x4 Interior Wall Framing Cost

Construction Item Description

Construction estimating unit cost for interior wall framing built with 2x4 wood studs. This is a "fixed size" unit cost for 24" stud spacing and 9 foot ceiling height.

Unit Size

One lineal foot of wall framing.

NOTE-- This unit cost covers basic interior wall framing. There are additional unit costs for each corner and interior door opening.

Labor Costs

We figure that a carpenter can frame about 8 lineal feet of interior 2x4 wall per hour.

Material Costs

The cost includes .7 studs (2x4 by 10 foot) per foot of wall, plus double top and bottom plates and fasteners. There is also an 8% waste factor on the materials.

HINT-- If you can buy 9 foot precut studs, enter those as a Cost Item and substitute them for the 10-footers included in this assembly.

Suggested Quantity

Total interior wall length.

Source of Construction Pricing

Based on crew timing and material takeoffs from Turtle Creek Construction. The labor cost covers remodeling and small additions. For experienced framing crews doing new construction, you can probably reduce the labor hours by 25% to 50%.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File, Framing Starter File


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