Concrete Foundation Removal Cost


Demolition unit cost for removal of 12" concrete foundation.

Unit Size

One square foot.

Labor Costs

We figure an unskilled worker can break up and remove about 8 cubic feet of concrete per hour, using a heavy duty jackhammer. This unit cost assumes that hand labor is necessary because of the size of the project or because there is limited access for heavy equipment.

The price does not include trucking from the jobsite.

NOTE-- Our experience was generally with unreinforced concrete poured before 1930. Modern concrete is tougher, especially when you have to deal with reinforcing rods-- so you might want to figure a smaller productive quantity per hour if that is what you are facing.

Material Costs

The price includes jackhammer rental time. For very small projects you might get by with a hammer drill and sledge hammer.

Suggested Quantity

No suggested quantity. Just enter the amount of foundation you'll be removing or replacing (measured in square feet of horizontal area). You can also use this unit cost for heavy reinforced concrete slabs, beams or stairways.

Source of Construction Pricing

Based on crew timing from a couple of projects done by Turtle Creek Construction.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File


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