Temporary Roof Cover Cost

Construction Item Description

Roofing estimating unit cost for a temporary roof cover of plastic sheeting material. This is designed for short-term covering of unfinished work during a construction project.

Unit Size

One square (100 square feet).

Labor Costs

We figure that a skilled worker with some unskilled help can cover about 5 squares per hour.

Material Costs

Plastic sheeting, plus wood furring strips and fasteners.

NOTE-- You might want to substiture felt underlayment for a longer-lasting temporary cover. You can also use tarps for short-term covering at a lower cost, though there is some risk that they'll blow off in high winds.

Suggested Quantity

Calculated roof area from the Roofing Dimensions screen.

Source of Construction Pricing

Based on crew timing from a couple of projects done by Turtle Creek Construction.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File


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