Macintosh SDK Updates

Technical Details

It's nothing visible, but in version 4.9 of Goldenseal small business software, we've updated our Macintosh code to run under more modern code libraries.

Specifically, for the single-user versions, we have moved our code from Xcode 3.0 to 3.2, and updated the basic code library (SDK) from Mac OS 10.3 to OS 10.6.

NOTE: Multi-user versions still use Xcode 3.0 and the 10.3 SDK, since the Open Transport networking code that we use is not supported in later OS SDK versions.

Getting the code moved up meant removing of some older code that is not longer supported. We have not found any new bugs caused by that, but it's possible it will introduce minor bugs in the appearance or operation of more obscure features.

NOTE: We actually built the 4.9 update using Xcode 3.1 and the 10.5 SDK, just to make sure we don't add incompatiblities for users who have older computers. We will move much further up the chain in the Goldenseal Pro update, which will be based on the latest Mac OS versions only.