Save a Copy on Macintosh


This is actually a temporary downgrade. Apple has removed their support for the file management code that we used for the Save a Copy command. We will remove it temporarily until we complete our transition to Cocoa.

NOTE: In Goldenseal 4.92, Save a Copy is still available in the multi-user versions, since those are built with an older version of Xcode. This removal only applies to the single-user versions for Macintosh.

Suggested By

Apple forced us into this one.

How to Use

You can still duplicate your company file in the Macintosh Finder. It's possible to do that while Goldenseal is running, but it is much better to Quit Goldenseal first!

Technical Details

WARNING: programmer and interface designer rants!

On OS 9 we used MoreFiles code (provided by Apple) to save a copy. In 2002 Apple provided MoreFilesX with similar routines running in Carbon. Unfortunately those calls are no longer supported, and there have been 3 changes in file management code for Carbon since then, all of which are now deprecated (not supported).

We searched for sample code we could use for a modern Save As, and never found anything that works for a Carbon app. Apparently we will need to move to Cocoa to get this feature back. Check our new blog for more detailed discussions about this transition, coming soon!

NOTE: Apple seems to be moving away from Save As--many of their apps now have you Duplicate the existing file, and then Save under a different name. That works OK for a picture or text, and it does act similar to the Finder's file handling. However, it is not the best interface for an accounting file that contains all your data!