Headings included in Print Forms


A few updates ago we added the ability to have Heading and Comment line items in Estimates, since a user requested it. Turns out people actually used the new feature, but those items were included in Printed Forms, and sometimes picked up a number value from the line item above. If clients added up the numbers for the line items, they would not match the actual total.

Caught By

User bug report.


Remove the headings/comments, or use a Printed Form that does not show the line items.


This problem is fixed in Goldenseal estimating software versions 4.9 and newer.

NOTE: While we were testing this, we decided that headings & comments looked good in a plain itemized list, but were confusing in a category breakdown. So they will not appear if the Print Form breaks things down by category or subcategory, but they will in a plain itemized list. If users would like different behavior, please let us know! If necessary, we will add a Preferences item to control how headers & comments are displayed in printed forms.

Technical Details

Programmer note: code changed in CEstimate::FillCatSubcatArray and elsewhere