Padlock Locking for Assemblies


Starting in Goldenseal estimating software version 4.9, line items in an Estimate will start out locked for Assembly rows, so it will automatically use the suggested quantity (based on the project measurements).

Other types of line items start out unlocked, so you can enter any quantity.

HINT: After you have entered a new line item (or changed its type), you can lock or unlock the row by clicking on the padlock icon.

Suggested By

Turtlesoft staff.

How to Use

The padlock buttons for each line item in an estimate are used to apply suggested quantities that are calculated from the project measurements. If the padlock is locked, Goldenseal calculates a quantity. If the padlock is unlocked, you can type in any quantity (and it will not change, even if the project dimensions change).

Technical Details

Code changes in CCostBreakdownTable::FillNewRowCells and CCostBreakdownTable::HandleCVFieldChanged