Estimate Print Forms


New users were confused by their first Estimate printed form, if they used the default Category/Subcategory form and didn't have subcategories.

Caught By

Turtlesoft support call.


Use one of the other printed forms, for simple estimates.


Starting with the version 4.92 update for Goldenseal estimating software, a simple Category listing is the first printed form. That should look reasonable for nearly all beginner estimates. The subcategory breakdown is still available, but it is not first in the list.

HINT: Goldenseal lists the available printed forms in alphabetical order, and starts out with the first in the list. If you want to have a different form as a default, just rename it so it is first in the alphabet!

Technical Details

Programmer note: code changed in CCostBreakdownEntry::GetMemberValue. A stupid typo in a small change made in version 4.9, just before shipping.