Automatic Backups


In some cases, the automatic file backup features caused problems in multiuser servers, or if a save occurred while an incomplete record was open.

Caught By

User bug reports.


In Goldenseal small business software versions 4.4 and earlier, you may need to turn off the automatic back feature manually, if it causes problems. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Preferences from the Options menu, and choose File from the submenu.
  2. Under the Automatic Backup section, change the Frequency popup field to Manual.
  3. Click OK.


Starting with Goldenseal accounting software version 4.5, the automatic backup feature is temporarily disabled. We will do more work on this feature, and decide whether we can restore it more successfully in a future update.

NOTE-- Goldenseal stores many different types of data, and uses an interface that allows some data records to remain unfinished, for extended periods of time. Because of those conditions, automatic backups are more likely to cause problems than in programs that have simpler data types. It's possible that we just can't have this feature.

Technical Details

Programmer note-- code changes in DB_TimeManager::DoAutomaticBackups and CFilePrefsViewer::FinishUpdatingFields