Left Arrow in Breakdown Tables


Hitting the left arrow from the first column in a breakdown table can select columns with zero width, if they are on the far right. That looks weird-- it puts the cell contents in the middle of the row, in one huge field that is as wide as the entire table. This problem occurs in Goldenseal estimating software version 4.3 and earlier.

NOTE-- The only place this is likely to show up is in Estimates (which have some "hidden" columns on the far right).

Caught By

User bug report.


Hit the left arrow a few more times until you're back to a normal cell, or hit the right arrow to return to the first column.

This problem makes things look extremely odd, but it won't do anything harmful.


We've fixed this problem in the 4.32 update for Goldenseal construction estimating software.

Technical Details

Programmer note-- code changed in CSpreadsheetTable::SelectPrevEditableCell