Error Message: QTCF.dll is Missing!

When I try to run Goldenseal, it tells me QTCF.dll is missing!

This is a QuickTime error that may occur when you first run Goldenseal, depending on how you installed QuickTime and/or iTunes. It seems to happen mostly with Windows 8, but some users have reported it when using Windows 7.

If you know how to work with files on your computer, do the following:

  1. Open the QuickTime folder (Program Files (x86)\QuickTime)
  2. Locate the QTCF.dll file (it may be in the QTSystem folder).
  3. Copy it into the Windows System32 folder (Windows\System32)

Click this video link to see more about the QTCF.dll fix. A Google search for "QTCF.dll error" will show many other explanations about this problem.

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