Vendor Price Importing (Completed)

Can I get prices from a vendor CD or download, and bring them into Goldenseal?

Goldenseal estimating software lets you import material prices from up to 3 separate vendors. This feature was added in Spring 2004.

Setting up for Vendor Imports

Current versions of Goldenseal already include fields to store pricing in each Cost Item, for up to three vendors. Click the Vendor Prices button to see them.

If you started with an early version of Goldenseal and customized your Cost Items layout, you may not see that button. In that case, you can add fields to your Cost Items records that will store price import info. To add them, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Transactions from the submenu.
  2. Enter Cost Items into the Transaction popup field at upper left.
  3. Choose Size & Margins from the Options menu, and increase the size of the layout. Click OK.
  4. Choose the Field tool from the palette on the left side of the window (fourth row left).
  5. Click in the new blank area, and drag a rectangle where you'd like a new field to appear.
  6. You'll see a list of available fields. Choose Second Supplier from the list, and click OK.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the following fields: Supplier Code, Supplier Price, Second Supplier Code, Second Supplier Price, Third Supplier, Third Supplier Code, Third Supplier Price.
  8. You can arrange the fields any way you'd like. HINT-- move the Main Supplier field so it is near the Supplier Code and Supplier Price fields.
  9. Choose Save from the File menu to save changes in the layout.

Entering Vendor Info

In each Cost Item record you can enter three suppliers, and the code number or text they use to identify that price.

HINT-- We would like to get some sample vendor price lists, so we can test our code with the format used by a variety of suppliers. Please contact us for details on how to send them!

Importing Prices

To import prices, choose Imports from the File menu, then choose Vendor Prices from the submenu.

HINT-- We welcome feedback and suggestions on the design of this item!

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