Missing Client Connections

I try to sign on as a client, but it doesn't show any servers!

Here are the first things to check, if you can't connect as a client while using the multi-user version of Goldenseal accounting software:

  1. Is the client computer connected to the network? HINT-- If you have a network printer, try printing from the client.
  2. Is the server turned on?
  3. Is Goldenseal running on the server machine?
  4. Is the server copy of Goldenseal running in server mode? HINT-- To check that, choose Preferences from the Options menu (on the server machine), then choose Network from the submenu. The File User Type should be Server.
  5. Is the server computer connected to the network? HINT-- If you have a network printer, try printing from the server.
  6. Did you recently upgrade to a newer version of Goldenseal? If so, your firewall may be blocking the new Goldenseal application. You'll probably need to unblock it.

If all those items check out, try the following items:

  1. Check the network connection from the server and the client via some other connection (to a network printer, file sharing or another multi-user program).
  2. Try restarting both the server and client machines.
  3. Check the firewall software on the client and server. Is it accepting the Goldenseal program? Is it blocking the Goldenseal port? The port number is 18259 (unless you changed it to something different).
  4. Do the Server and Client use the same port number? (Most likely to be a problem for users who started with version 3.01 or earlier, and recently upgraded).
  5. Check the TCP/IP addresses on the client and server (all machines on a LAN must have the same first 3 numbers, and a different last number in the TCP/IP address. The subnet mask should be
  6. If you have a third computer, try connecting with it, and see if it can sign on as client. If it works, what is different about the first client machine?
  7. Try running the current client as the server instead, and use the previous server to sign on as a client. Does it work in that direction?

If the connection still doesn't work, call our tech support line at 607 220-4514 or email us at support@turtlesoft.com. It will help us to know the following info:

  1. Was the connection working some time in the past?
  2. What kind of hardware do you use for client and server?
  3. Are other client machines able to connect to the server?
  4. What kind of network do you have?
  5. Are you running any other networking programs?

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