Upgrade Policies

What happens if I want to switch to a larger version, upgrade to the multi-user version, or add users?

At Turtle Creek we always let you upgrade to a fancier version of Goldenseal estimating software and accounting software, for the difference in cost.

That means that you can do any of the following, and pay the new price minus what you already paid for your original version.

  • Upgrade from the Basic version to the Full version
  • Upgrade from single-user to multi-user.
  • Add more users, if you already have the multi-user version.

NOTE-- We will mail you a second printed manual when you go from Basic to Full, and we do charge postage and handling for that ($10 in the US, $15 elsewhere).

When you order the new version, we will change the items you can download from our update download system, and also send you any additional manuals that you don't already have.

NOTE-- If your access to the update download system has expired, you will also need to renew that, so you can download the latest version.

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