Goldenseal Bugs

Does Goldenseal have any bugs in it?

Goldenseal accounting software has been out for over ten years, so it is "mature" and relatively bug free. However, in any software there are always a few bugs and design flaws lurking. We won't ever claim that we've gotten our computer programs to be perfect!

We program carefully, and constantly test our software before releasing new features. We also fix bugs quickly, whenever we discover them in our internal testing, or from user bug reports. So we can promise that you'll experience a minimum of problems with our software.

Reporting Bugs

If you do run into a problem you can't solve, please call our support line, send us an email, or fill out a bug report. We'll investigate the problem, find you a work-around if possible, and get it onto our Problem Log list.

We're able to fix most bugs before the next release.

NOTE-- We always appreciate hearing about bugs, problems, or suggestions you might have. Usually it is harder to find bugs than to fix them!

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