Overhead Expense Basics

How do I handle overhead expenses?

The Goldenseal job costing software lets you track overhead expenses, just the same as project costs.

If you don't have a project-based business, you can also use Goldenseal's overhead accounts to distinguish between cost of goods sold, and general overhead expenses.

What is Overhead?

In Goldenseal, overhead covers general business expenses that don't apply to any specific Project, and that don't result in items that you can resell.

For example, any of the following items would generally be considered as overhead:

  • Advertising
  • Car and Truck expenses that don't apply to a specific project
  • Computers
  • Insurance for general business liability
  • Office employees who don't work directly on projects
  • Rent and utilities for your office space

Overhead Accounts

For most businesses, one Overhead account is sufficient. You can classify the different types of overhead expenses by using cost categories, so it's really not necessary to create multiple accounts for that.

If you have more than one type of business with very different overhead expenses, then you might want more than one Overhead account. In that case, you can use different Category Systems for each type of business expense.

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