Billing & Mailing Addresses

How do I use the billing address, delivery address and main address in a Customer record?

Customer accounts include three different addresses, plus a separate set of delivery instructions.

Using Multiple Addresses

The billing and delivery addresses in Goldenseal small business software are optional. If you don't need a separate address for those functions, turn off the checkbox next to them, and Goldenseal will use the main address for billing and deliveries.

If you use a different address for either billing or deliveries, turn on the checkbox, and type in an address.

Delivery Methods

If you use more than one method to ship, mail or deliver items to your customers, you can set up Delivery methods to calculate charges and also use the correct address or instructions. For example, you may include delivery methods for Fedex, UPS, Mail, Truck Deliveries and Cash & Carry.

To create a Delivery methods, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Income Setup from the Income menu, and choose Delivery Methods from the submenu.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Type in a name for the method, and any comments you have about it.
  4. Turn on the checkbox if this delivery uses the Sales Tax rate for the customer's location. Turn it off if this delivery uses the sales tax rate for the sales branch.
  5. Enter the address to use. You can use the Main, Billing or Delivery address on the Customer account, or the Delivery Instructions.
  6. Enter the way you'll charge for this delivery method.
  7. Click OK

Delivering Sales

When you enter a Delivery Method into a Sales transaction, Goldenseal will automatically fill in the correct address or delivery instructions. That way your invoice, sales receipt or delivery ticket will have the right information for any type of delivery or shipping method.

For example, your Fedex and UPS deliveries can use the delivery address, your mailed items can use the main address, your truck deliveries can use the delivery instructions, and cash & carry items can use the billing address.

You will generally use the sales tax rate at the customer's home address for deliveries to them, and the tax rate at the sales branch locality for cash & carry items.

HINT-- If you deliver or ship some items to a different address, you may need to fill in a different sales tax rate for just that sales. In that case, fill in the correct tax rate after you enter the shipping method.

Printing Envelopes and Mailing Labels

You can use any of the three customer addresses when you print envelopes and mailing labels.

To change the address, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Layouts from the Options menu, and choose Printed Forms from the submenu.
  2. Enter Customer Accounts into the Transaction field at upper left.
  3. Choose a form from the Print Form field at upper left.
  4. Click on the Address field, and choose Clear from the Edit menu.
  5. Click on the field tool in the palette on the left side of the window (4th row on the left).
  6. Click in the layout, and drag through the rectangle where you'd like the address to be.
  7. You'll see a popup list of fields. Choose Billing Address or Delivery Address, then click OK.
  8. You can change the location, font or font size if desired.

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