Payroll Not Updating Correctly


company payroll isn't being updated correctly by MacNail construction payroll software. Last week's numbers 'disappear' when creating payroll report.


who gets the bug: only users who were using 1992 payroll, and didn't switch to the 93 file when they ran the 3.4 update.
problem: company payroll always gets just one week in it-- old week's data 'disappears'


they are using an old payroll blank. To fix:
1. Choose Payroll Options from Options menu, and switch to Payroll blank 93.
2. Trash ALL payroll files from the payroll files folder.
3. Trash the 'Pay File Blank 1993' from the Accounting Blanks folder [Windows file is called 1993COMP.BLK, in ACCTBLKS directory]
4. Open old payroll reports, and do 'update payroll files' for each of them.

Compatibility problems with old payroll blanks.
We will fix it in code soon, but for the meantime the above will fix the problem. Once they do the above they won't need a new disk or anything from us, and since info is missing from files they'll have to do the above regardless.


Entered 8/5/93 by Dennis. Updated 11/23/2010.