Payroll Update Starts Over


Acctg 3.4: company payroll- every time *Update Payroll Files is used, it makes a new company payroll and marks the old one as 93.old, or whatever the year is.


This is an old bug in the MacNail construction payroll software, fixed in mid-1993
1. If they've just started using payroll and can wait a bit, send new disk.
2. Otherwise, check the defined name "Version" on co. payroll- should be 3.4.!


1. Easiest fix is to send new Accounting 3.4 update disk or Manager Update disk.
2. Otherwise must change version defined name to be 3.4 on both the co. payroll and the "Pay File Blank" which is in the Accounting Blanks folder [Windows file is called 1993COMP.BLK, in ACCTBLKS directory]. To be sure, check individual payroll files also.


Entered 7/15/93 by Vinay. Updated 11/23/2010.